A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game is a tribute to the old DOS Lunar Lander game written in Python with Pyxel retro game engine.

It is also Open Source, so anyone interested in learn about game development basics can check out its source code at https://github.com/humrochagf/pyxel-lander

The game has a really simple procedural map generation, pixel perfect collision detection, and a nice HUD with the Lunar Module velocity and fuel feedback.

The controls are pretty straightforward:

  • Use the arrow keys to control the Lunar Module.
  • The s key starts the game.
  • You can change maps with the m key on the menu.
  • The r key restarts the game.
  • You can exit the game with the q or esc keys.

Have fun \o/


pyxel-lander-windows.zip 9 MB
Version 1.3.2 Feb 28, 2021
pyxel-lander-linux.zip 13 MB
Version 1.3.2 Feb 28, 2021
pyxel-lander-osx.zip 6 MB
Version 1.3.2 Feb 28, 2021

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