Version 1.3.1

This version is an upgrade to pyxel engine 1.4.3 that covers:

  • Engine optimizations
  • Package size reduced
  • New color pallet
  • Engine commands for performance check and recording that will be listed bellow

Engine command list:

  • Esc Quit the application
  • Alt(Option)+1 Save the screenshot to the desktop
  • Alt(Option)+2 Reset the recording start time of the screen capture video
  • Alt(Option)+3 Save the screen capture video (gif) to the desktop (up to 30 seconds)
  • Alt(Option)+0 Toggle the performance monitor (fps, update time, and draw time)
  • Alt(Option)+Enter Toggle full screen

Files 9 MB
Version 1 57 days ago 13 MB
Version 1 57 days ago 6 MB
Version 1 57 days ago

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